Learn Spanish and/or English with Paco Puppy, an adorable bloodhound plush puppet – 10 inches long, full-bodied, and hand-operated. The puppet is accompanied by educational music CDs. All Paco Puppy products are learning tools that play an important role in language development and personal growth. The puppet and CDs make a great gift, as well.

The CDs’ original songs are written by a professional educator with the goal of helping people of all ages learn another language. Each song is sung in Spanish, followed by the English version of the same song, thus strengthening skills in both languages. Each song is 1-3 minutes in length, rhythmic, entertaining, and easy-to-learn. The CDs use simple, fun songs to teach a variety of topics, including numbers, foods, colors, weather, places, days of the week, etc., as well as other beginning words and phrases. To see a complete list of topics, click here

Each CD comes with an informational booklet, complete with song lyrics in Spanish and English, Spanish language-learning hints, a pronunciation guide for the Spanish lyrics, and a Spanish/English wordlist.

Our goal at KD LLC/Paco Puppy is to bridge the communication gap between cultures and to strengthen language skills in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. For child through adult, singing is a teaching tool that reaches out and grabs the attention of the learner. The result? Learning happens through repetition without the learner even realizing it, while at the same time having fun.

Paco Puppy and the accompanying CDs are a supplemental program designed by Kay Borgelt of Lincoln, NE. Kay has Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education and in Human Development and the Family, with endorsements in preschool, elementary, and secondary Spanish. Kay writes all the music and sings the lyrics for the CDs. Paco and CDs are a valuable resource for a variety of entities, such as schools, teachers, children, parents, grandparents and other relatives, libraries, daycare organizations, or anyone desiring to learn Spanish and/or English.


Kay is an educator dedicated to the development and growth of individuals seeking to expand their knowledge. Kay has Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education and in Human Development and the Family (including endorsements in early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary Spanish education) and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. She holds teaching certificates in both Nebraska and Florida.

Having worked in both the public and private sectors of the educational field, her professional career experiences include teaching in early childhood education centers as well as elementary and middle school education, operating and teaching her own music & rhythm program for children as well as developing and teaching a high school Spanish program, and teaching elementary Spanish.

Talented and interested in music, Kay has combined her skills and creativity by writing and singing songs in Spanish and English, in an effort to help bridge the communication gap between cultures. A native Nebraskan, she has three children, five grandchildren, and is the creator of the lovable, bilingual puppy named Paco Puppy and his music/CDs.

“Using the Paco Puppy puppet and CD in my classroom sparks my students’ interest in learning Spanish. It gives my Hispanic students a chance to shine and initiates conversation in Spanish with Paco guiding the way. They each have a favorite song on the CD. The students beg me to play the CD while they are working.”Kathrina McGuire, Teacher, Wisner-Pilger Public Schools, Wisner, NE